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Arnish Light The Ewie Wi' The Crookit Horn
Credits: Traditional
Appears On: Arnish Light
Language: Scots-English


Were I but able tae rehearse
My ewie's praise in proper verse
I'd sound it oot as loud and fierce
As ever piper's drone could blaw

I neither needed tar nor keel
To mark upon her hip or heel
Her crooked horn, it did as weel
Tae ken her by amang them a'

Ewie wi' the crookit horn
And a' that kent her might hae sworn
Sic a ewie ne'er was born
Hereaboots nor far awa'

She never threatened scab nor rot
But keepit aye her ane jog trot
Baith tae the fauld and tae the cot
Was never sweir tae lead nor ca'

When ither ewies lap the dyke
And ate the kail for a' the tyke
My ewie never played the like
But stayed ahint the barnie wa'


I lookit aye at even for her
Lest mishanter should come ower her
Or the foumart should devour her
Gin the beastie bade awa'

Monday last for a' my keepin'
I cannae speak it withoot greetin'
A villain cam' when I was sleepin'
Stole my ewie, horn an' a'


I socht her sair upon the morn
And doon aneath a buss o' thorn
I got my ewie's crooked horn
But my ewie was awa'

(Chorus 2x)