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Alchemy For Aye
Credits: Balandrán; lyrics by Roy Gullane; arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Appears On: Alchemy
Language: Scots-English


The lousome sang o' love's a doolfu' sang
Yet bonnie tirls the tune sae loud and lang
Wha maunie daur tae dream we dreamed sae rarely
Noo hallie beats the heart that beats its lane

She said, "For aye my heart is thine, bonnie laddie"
But for aye's a lang, lang time, bonnie lassie
Whaur the bleeze has brunt and deid hings a smeik that bleers the e'e
And noo for aye I'll mind on she, bonnie lassie

Fell the mockrife hour that steired the daw'
That swippert brocht the day ca'd you awa'
Lang and dowf the stentless miles that daur us sinder
And waukrife a' the nichts that we maun thole


Aye kittle blaws our weird amang the stour
A knotless tinkler chiel that's born tae scour
But no ane tick o' time e'er wad I niffer
Nor smoor the mindin' o' my bonnie jo