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Alchemy Malley Leigh
Credits: Traditional; arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
Appears On: Alchemy
Language: Scots-English


As Malley Leigh cam' doon the street
Her capuchin did flee
She cast a look behind her back
Tae see her negligee

Chorus (after each verse):
And we're a' gaun east and west
And we're a' gaun aye a jee
And we're a' gaun east and west
A-coortin' Malley Leigh

She had twa lappets at her heid
That flaunted gallantly
And ribbon knots and back and breist
O' bonnie Malley Leigh

As doon alang the Canongate
Were beaux o' ilk degree
And monie an ane turned 'roond aboot
The comely sicht tae see

The lass gaed through the palace ha'
And nane sae braw as she
A prince speired leave tae dance wi' her
And earlies twa and three

But heilan' Brodie fleered them a'
Wi' proud and glancin' e'e
He's won for aye the heart and haun
O' bonnie Malley Leigh