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Capernaum The Plooboy Laddies
Credits: Traditional; arranged by the Tannahill Weavers
  a) The Plooboy Laddies
b) John Murray Of Lochee
Appears On: Capernaum
Language: Scots-English


Doon in yonder den there's a plooboy lad
An' summers day he'll be a' my ane

Chorus (after each verse):
And sing laddie aye and sing laddie oh
The plooboy laddies are a' the go

I will hae nae miller wi' his dusty coat
The merchant's gear isnae worth a groat

I love him weel, I love nane but him
I love the very cairt he hurls in

And when I think on my plooboy's smile
It's in his arms I would bide a while

I see him coming in frae yonder toon
Wi' a' his ribbons hingin' 'roon an' 'roon