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Arnish Light The Rose Amang The Thorn
Credits: Roy Gullane
Appears On: Arnish Light
Language: Scots-English


Bonnie lass sae dear tae me
Ower the hills ayont the water
Nane sae blin' that cannae see
She is my ain, my dearie O

Oh the rose amang the thorn
She's ta'en a heart that widnae flee
And steired it oot amang the staurn
The bonnie lassie lo'es me

Gin I had but one last day
In her airms I'd rowe sae rarely
By her side fain wid I lay
'Til a' life's cares gaed easy O

(Chorus 2x)

Nae sea sae braid, nae bunemaist ben
Nor ilka thraw that pairts us sairly
Nae nicht sae lang could e'er forfen'
I lie my lane, my dearie O


Here's tae the lass sae braw, sae trig
Here's tae the kindness gied sae gladly
She wha kissed me 'neath the brig
She is my ane, my dearie O

(Chorus 2x)