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Arnish Light Up In The Mornin's No' For Me
Credits: John Hamilton & Robert Burns
Appears On: Arnish Light
Language: Scots-English


Cauld blaws the wind frae north tae south
The drift is driving fairly
The sheep are cowerin' in the heugh
Oh sirs, it's winter sairly

Chorus (after each verse):
Up in the mornin's no' for me
Up in the mornin' early
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw
I'm sure that it's winter sairly

Loud roars the blast amang the woods
And tirls the branches barely
On hill and hoose hear how it thuds
The frost is nippin' sairly

The sun peeps ower yon southland hills
Like onie timerous carlie
Just blinks a wee then sinks again
And that we find severely

Nae linties lilt on hedge nor bush
Poor things they suffer sairly
In cauldrife quarters o' the nicht
A' day they feed but sparely

A cosy hoose and a canty wife
Aye keep a body cheerly
And pantries stowed wi' meat and drink
They answer unco rarely