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Téada Téada
Tracks: 1. Tom O'Connor's/The Joy Of My Life/Handy With The Stick
2. Teresa Halpin's/Rathlin Island/Michael Hynes'
3. The Surround/Up In The Garret/Port Na Deoraí
4. Peigín's Peadar
5. Micho Russell's/Bill Harte's/The Green Gates
6. The Chaffpool Post/The Mayday Hornpipe
7. The Liffey Banks/Pat Molloy's
8. A Bhean A' Tí
9. Tom Roddy's/The Old Firm Jig/The Maid At The Well
10. Rossinver Braes
11. The Crock Of Gold/Johnny's Gone To France/The Tailor's Thimble