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Grinn Grinn A Nghneag A' Ghridh
Credits: Murdo John Morrison; arranged by Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Hector Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie MacDonald & Ross Martin
Appears On: Grinn Grinn
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "A Nigheanag A' Ghridh" on Arthur Cormack's album Ruith Na Gaoith

Lyrics: English Translation:
A nghneag, a ghridh My beloved girl
'S tu dh'fhg an dochair nam cheann You have pained me
Air feasgar Diciadain nam shuidhe On Wednesday evening I am sitting
'S mi riasladh ri rann Struggling to compose a verse
Gum b'fherr a bhith snte I'd rather be stretched out
Gu socair 's gu sobhalt' sa ghleann Quietly and peacefully in the glen
A' cadal le chile Sleeping together
Fo dhuilleach nan geugan ud thall Under the branches over there
'S ann dhut-sa, mo leannan To you, my love
Thug mise mo chridhe 's mo chiall I gave my heart and my reason
Mo dhsgadh, mo chadal, mo reult My waking, my sleeping, my star
Mo ghealach 's mo ghrian My moon and my sun
'S tu m' oidhche, mo mhadainn, mo bhrn You're my night, my morning, my water
Is m' anail 's mo bhiadh My breath and my food
'N m irigh is laighe At waking and lying down
'S tu fhin an aingeal gam dhon You are the angel protecting me
Nan robh mise 's mo leannan If my love and I were
Air slibhtean farsaing am fhraoich On the wide, heathery hill
Gun uallach mu irigh Free from the burden of getting up
Ach laighe gu simh ann an gaol But lying peacefully in love
Toinnte le chil' ann an sonas Entwined in happiness
Gun lireadh ri d' thaobh Without torment by your side
'S an oidhche le cleca And the night's cloak
Gu buileach a' cmhdach an raon Completely covering the plain
An saoghal ged 's farsaing Although the world is wide
Gum b' fherr a bhith tathaich sa ghleann I'd rather be living in the glen
Ri taobh na h-g chailin Beside the young woman
Air thalamh is maisiche leam On the ground is fairest in the world to me
Bidh romhachd, a h-illeachd Her elegance, her beauty
'S a grinneas gu brth na mo cheann And her gentleness will be forever in my mind
'S an lchairt mo chridhe And in the palace of my heart
Bidh ite, mo nighean, dhut ann There will be a place for you, my dear
Thig fois air an talamh Stillness will descend on the world
Thig tosd air anail a' chuain And the sough of the sea will be silent
Air tonnnan a' chladaich The waves breaking on the shore
Thig tmh is cadal car uair Will be at peace for a time
oin bheaga na doire The little birds of the grove
N fasgadh sona fon bhruaich Will take happy shelter under the bank
Ach mo ghaol-sa do m' leannan But my love for my darling
Ri m' bhe chan aithnich e suain Will never know rest