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Norland Wind Norland Wind
Credits: Jim Reid; lyrics by Violet Jacob; arranged by Kerstin Blodig, Cristina Crawley, Thomas Loefke, Ian Melrose & Peter Jakk
Appears On: Norland Wind
Language: Scots-English
Other Versions: "Norland Wind" by Cilla Fisher on the Scotland The Real compilation


Tell me what was on yer road, ye roarin' norlan' wind
As ye cam' blawin' frae the north that's niver frae my mind
My feet, they've travelled England, but I'm longing for, I'm deein' for the north
"My man, I saw the siller tides rin up the Firth o'Forth"

Aye wind, I ken them weel enuich and the fine they fa' an' rise
Fain I'd feel the creepin' mist on yonder shore, on yonder shore that lies
So tell me, 'ere ye passed them by what saw ye on yer way, what saw ye on yer way
"My man, I rocked the rovin' gulls that sailed abune the Tay"

But saw ye naething, leein' wind, afore ye cam' tae Fife?
There's muckle lyin' 'yont the Tay that's mair to me, mair to me nor life
"My man, I swept the Angus braes ye ha'ena trod for years"
Oh wind, forgie a hameless loon that canna see for tears

"Far abune the Angus straths I heard the wild geese flee, I heard the wild geese flee
A lang, lang skein o' beatin' wings wi' their heids towards the sea
And aye their roarin' voices trailed ahint them on the air"
Oh wind, hae mercy, haud yer whist, for I daurna listen mair